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Yeah, I guess I'll update you for once.

I got back from MAGFest-- Music & Gaming Festival-- on Sunday night. We were there to sell the Lightweight Role Playing Game, and that part of it went fantastically. We basically sold out, minus a few books that were found in a car on the last day.

The festival, in general, was way more awesome than I expected. I adore PAX East, and wasn't really expecting much from the much-smaller MAGFest, but I was incredibly surprised. The more relaxed, chill atmosphere and 24-hour policy made for some great times.

Made two notable new buds, too. One was the artist in the booth next to ours, and the other was a guy cosplaying Locke Cole from Final Fantasy 6. Hoping to run into both of them in the future.

So, that's partially where I've been. Oh, and a million other places, too.

Yeah, I'm the worst at actually writing on LJ...

I'm not sure how many nerds I still have that read my friends list on here, but in case there are any...

My friends (and I!) have just completed a long project of crafting a tabletop role playing game. It's like Dungeons and Dragons, except that it's a lot easier to learn, and you can play quicker, and you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on multiple gigantic rulebooks that maybe will make you want to cry.


Less than 50 pages to learn the rules, and it's super open-ended. You could apply any sort of setting or time period to this: fantasy, steampunk, modern, sci-fi, zombie apocalypse, equine barn drama, elicit office romance, whatever. Seriously, this system really allows you to play the game however you'd like, and make whatever sort of character you want.

And it's been approved by Sir Tubbins-- what more could you ask for?

For more info, and to buy yourself a sweet, sweet copy of this, just check out www.lightweightrpg.com.

PDF file - $10
Softcover - $15
Hardcover - $25

And bundles are available also :)


Comet, the first and only horse I've ever leased, who was a fantastic goofball and teacher, had to be put down last night. Two days ago, he was kicked and fractured his patella, and in surgery yesterday, it turned out to be worse than they thought. Afterwards, trying to stand up, he fractured the tibia in his other leg-- the good leg-- and there was nothing that could be done.

It is terrifying, how suddenly and quickly things can go so wrong. It is frustrating, how little we can do for a horse, especially when their legs are concerned. (Yes, I know it's more than in the past, but it still doesn't seem like enough, sometimes.)

My heart goes out to his owners & their family-- both human and equine. They are some of the finest horsepeople I know, and together with Comet they taught me so much. I know that Comet had a wonderful life and lived like a prince, but that still doesn't really make it easier to know that he's gone. And even though I hadn't seen him in a few years, and he'd moved to Tennessee, it's hard to know that I'll never see Aileen post photos of him with the herd or on hunter paces again.

Rest In Peace, Fuzzy Man.

May you gallop through the greenest of pastures, carefree forever more.
The move went pretty decently, and Scott and I have settled into our new house well. I love it; I have garden, I have space, I have a huge kitchen! And while we're still renters, at least I don't have to deal with the corruption that ran rampant through my old apartment complex's staff. (Yeah, I'll be taking them to court for some security deposit fraud...)

I went to view a barn the other day. 10 minutes from home, zomg. I have never had my horses that close, and I am so excited. It's a nice place, and the woman seems down-to-earth. I'll be working off most or all of my board. I'll be sad to leave Kate and her horses and our giant field, but I am so excited to have a REAL ring to ride in (and it's an indoor!) and trails on the property that hopefully Sarge won't be a moron about (I cannot get him to walk down the lane through our current farm without losing his head slightly when the Standardbreds come running up in "ZOMG THERE IS A PERSON ON U" mode) and in general I'm just excited. All of us are out of shape, and the horses are way fat, and so we really need to get back into regular exercise. With them an hour away, it just doesn't happen, so I am so happy to have found a place so close.

I guess those are really the only big things going on right now, but maybe I'll write s'more when I'm feeling a tad more inspired!

Yep, today is the day!

This formerly-tiny,



silly beast turns 5 today!

There is a phrase that some of my horse-people friends use-

"Heart Horse"

I suppose it is best defined as an equine soul mate, a particularly special bond that only comes around in a blue moon.

I was lucky enough to find mine on the first shot.

Happy Birthday, Heart Horse <3

Cross posted from Gather

To make up for the fact that I suck about posting often, here.
Have a snippet of my weekend, in pictures. With little explanation.

it's my hair. With a "P" in a heart. The "P" stands for Protomen.

Under Pressure!

Maybe I'll do more of a recap later or something, but I'm not even sure anyone really reads this anyway ;)


So, biggest thing is that I'm moving tomorrow. Moving in with Scott, near the beach, in a cute little house we will be renting. I'm super psyched, but it's also kind of scary to be leaving behind the one and only place that was wholly and completely and only mine.
My walls are painted; swirly designs are gone. Most of my stuff is packed (though I should be packing the rest right now) and the cat is mildly baffled but doesn't seem to care. (That will change when I put her in the car, I'm sure.)

Getting the last hours I can in at work. I'm actually going to miss the Lowes where I've been seasonally working (for an outside company as a vendor) for the past few years. I have a lot of super great coworkers, even if some of them drive me nuts on occasion. My boss is the greatest; she took me out for lunch yesterday and there was much chatting and laughter. I'm not really looking forward to trying to find someone as cool as her to work for.

I'll deal with moving the horses at a later date.

Anyway, off I go to try to get stuff done! And then go to my last day at work.

Yesterday, four of us drove into the city to be a part of the Protomen music video for Light Up the Night and the Fall. I've never been an extra for anything, so I was pretty pumped, and doing it for my favorite band just made that even awesomer. We got there around 3ish, hung around a bit, and I managed to track down one of the band members to give cookies to (which most of them enjoyed much, it seems). It actually didn't take too long for things to get started; we got to watch them rehearse a fight scene and then they split us extras into groups.

So, the dress code involved a skirt and my lace up boots with heels. So when they pulled B group down for a rocking out scene, and then pulled a few of us aside to sort of mosh, I was terrified and convinced I was going to fall on my ass on camera. I'm not that good with heels in normal circumstances, and especially not when I'm supposed to be going nuts.

Well, got through that with only a slight casualty of my hair. (Thankfully, Gina, my hair-braider friend, had come.) We did some other scenes after, mainly rocking out, one of which totally killed the braid bun entirely. Gina fixed it later, but there's this chance that if I made it into different scenes, my hair will be different in each one, haha.

So, on a side note, I'm not really much of a fist pumper at shows; usually I just rock out in my own special way. But we needed to fistpump, so, I learned. But sweet jesus, I thought my arm was going to fall off by the end of all of the takes, especially since they were doing two songs together for the video. It was good that I was right up front, near Bakker, one of the guitarists, who would fist pump at certain parts, and which really helped re-energize. Though I did accidentally elbow him in the knee at one point, and nearly fistpumped into his guitar. Whatevs, he said he didn't feel me elbow him anyway. (But he's so polite that I think he would have said that regardless.)

They also gave us pizza around 9, and later played some songs as "payment" to us, which was great, since by then a lot of the extras had bailed (it was after midnight at this point) and so it was a really intimate mini-show. We all managed to scrounge up great energy for that, somehow. Then it was back to filming, this time in the rain! Actually, though, the rainy "walking into the venue" scene was my favorite to do, even though I had no jacket and was soaking. Scott and I were walking in together, and this random other extra we'd chatted to a little would run up as we reached the doors, throw an arm around each of us, and we'd walk in. This was all unscripted; we'd basically just gotten the barest of stage directions. I wish I'd gotten the dude's name, because though it surprised the hell out of me the first time he did it, it was pretty fun, and I hope that makes it into the video.

By the time we left, drove to my mom's to drop of Gina and Nack at their car, and then drove to my place, it was nearly 5am. And we'd left early-- apparently filming didn't finish until around then. So you can bet that when my boss called to tell me she miscalculated hours and I shouldn't come in, I was not disappointed.

Oh, and did I mention I also went to see the Protomen on Thursday at a show and Turbo Lover put his hat on my head during encore? Super sweet. Seriously, this band is way too much fun, even when you're utterly exhausted and it's 1:43am and you're just sitting around listening to them tell random stories while other people film outside.

And I get to see them again at PAX this upcoming weekend! Which I need to finish a project for and pack for, ahhhh!

So, yeah. Will post up the finished video... whenever it is done and out!

Fell off the face of the earth again, as happens often enough. Here's the update run down:

Been slowly teaching Sarge to jump. We've only gone over tiny things so far, and not very often. He's a lazy bum about it, for the most part, and I don't really think you can call anything we've done so far "jumping" as he pretty much just steps over it. Still, exciting times!
He was, however, a little gimpy at the trot when I went out last week. I think it might have been his neck or back-- he kept stretching his head way down at the trot. I'll see how he is when I go out today. Hopefully he'll be rideable, as Kate and I were thinking of trail riding on the weekend.

Shivna is also doing well; been slowly acclimating her more and more to the bridle and starting to work on simple commands when I'm up on her. (And by simple, I mean that we're basically just working on "walk on".) I think that I'll put the saddle on her today, since I've just been doing bareback work so far.

Stopped lessoning since I ran out of money, and that sucks, but I did get to jump my old show buddy Atticus at that barn a few weekends ago, when I went to help out at an intercollegiate show. Yay!

WorkBoth of my jobs should be starting up soon. I plan to work the farmstand full time, and do some part time work at Lowes because I really need all the money I can get at this point.

Fun and Travel
PAX East is Easter weekend, and it'll be my first time, and I'm pretty excitied. It'll be a delightfully giant nerd convention up in Boston, and I'll also get to visit my aunt up there. Super looking forward to the whole thing.

Soccer started back up, and Philly Union had their first game last night. It was away, in Portland. Dave and I watched them get their asses kicked in a supporters bar near him. It's a shame; the head coach basically got rid of their best player(s) and so there are a lot of new faces who aren't used to working together and aren't as good as those who are gone. Blah.

I think that's basically all that's up with me lately; maybe I'll try to keep up with updating more.

So, to continue the theme of "this year has not started super great", my car is going to cost me more money than I have. Last week, one of the wheels started making a weird sound. I needed 3 new tires anyway, so I brought it to Pep Boys last night.

Well, turns out one of my wheels is cracked, right through the metal. They basically tried to convince me not to drive on it. I have no idea how long I HAD been driving on it. It was after 6pm, but the Toyota dealership was still open, so I called them up, as Pep Boys does not carry wheels. Thankfully, Toyota said I could drop the car off right then, get a loaner, and they would be able to emergency order the part. Fine by me; I was halfway there anyway and didn't want to drive back and forth on that wheel.

So, the cool news is that I'm currently driving the 2011 Prius loaner. It's like a space car. There is a button to start, and a button to park, and both of these things confused the hell out of me last night. The other cool thing is that I got a free oil change at Pep Boys for buying the two tires that I got last night. (They wouldn't touch the cracked on anyway.)

The bad news, however, is that I'm already down $225.64 from the two tires I got last night. The wheel was quoted as being nearly $400. Then I need to go back to Pep Boys to have them put it on with a new tire, which will be another $100 or whatever. HOORAY!

I really don't have this money, ug. I still haven't paid any bills for this month except rent. My credit card is suffering. And the lady that claimed she was calling me in to work this week never called, and never responded to my email. Ug. At least I finished a $55 wine charm commission and they just PayPalled me the money for that, so it's something. Stressful, though I know it'll end up ok. It just was one of those expenses that hits at the worst possible time!

So, uh, if anyone wants to order some candles, please do! heh heh heh. Or wine charms, for that matter. And I'm thinking about branching out and doing something else, though I'm not totally positive yet. Sticker packs, maybe, though? Hmm.

Blarg, hoping they call soon to say that the part came in.